2050 Group

Ensuring Security of Supply while Accelerating the Green Agenda

2050 Group was established in 2017 to produce, distribute and deliver biomethane into the Heavy Goods Vehicle Industry.

The 3 stage vertically integrated model intrinsically links the development, finance, construction, and management of the biomethane plants producing the gas which is then shipped to the refueling infrastructure to be dispensed to the end user.

2050 Group will soon embark on the development of the infrastructure to establish the nationwide chain of refuelling stations allowing this clean green fuel to be utilised by the Natural Powered trucks to service the FMCG sector.

James Dorman and Tony Ennis are currently developing a large-scale Bio-Methane refinery in the UK, while 2050 Gas Truckin’ is operating a Bio-CNG IVECO S-Way contracted to Spar owner BWG Foods.

For further details on 2050 Group contact;

James Dorman on +447766595095